Friday, August 14, 2009

Vintage Advertising ~ Etsy Collage

I so enjoy looking at old magazine advertisements. They make great art when framed. Some of them are hilarious, too. Take a closer look and browse Etsy for other vintage ads. What are your favorites?


  1. I also love vintage magazines. my sister and I once bought a pile of British magazines from the 1950s, they were hilarious, articles all about a woman's duty to look neat and tidy when her husband comes in from work with a hot dinner all ready on the table. and warning girls not to be 'loose' on summer holidays to British seaside resorts... ha ha!!

  2. Vintage Advertising is always loads of fun you
    could see how people lived many years ago by the ads. Some of the ads like the Movie Stars Advertising Chesterfield Cigarettes some of the stars never smoked cigarettes.
    We did not have Truth in Advertising back then.

  3. The appliance ads are funny too, talking about the ease of the modern kitchen.

  4. Talk about truth in advertising -- I want to know what was in that obesity ointment! haha :)