Friday, August 7, 2009

I heart Sharpies - Favorite Etsy Finds

For this week's collage, I'm going to deviate from my normal Etsy vintage post, and instead focus on my strange obsession with sharpies. Maybe it's my graphic design background, I don't know.

So I did a search, and am once again AMAZED at the beautiful artwork that can be found on Etsy. Using sharpies, no less. Check out my favorites below and go shopping!

I have a coupon which will allow you to buy Sharpies for $.01 cent each at Office Max, posted on my other blog, right here. Just in case you, too are taken in by these lovely markers. <3


  1. Where would we be without the Sharpie - honestly, I love 'em! Thanks for featuring my shop.

  2. 1 cent?! Seriously? I need to check that out!
    My life would not be the same without this amazing invention..We seriously have a box of every single color. I love them, and so glad that someone else understands that obsession! haha