Sunday, June 21, 2009

Shop of the Week: CricketsCreations

This week I’m featuring another great success story, an Etsy shop called CricketsCreations, which is run by a very cool girl named Celeste (friends can call her Crickets!). She runs her business from Kanab, Utah which is near the majestic Grand Canyon. What a place to live for creative inspiration! Her work has been featured in Better Homes and Gardens and Vegetarian Times, she’s had over 900 sales on Etsy, and she rocks the coolest Cateye Glasses! What’s not to like?

How did the idea for your business come about?
My muse, inspiration & support is my husband, Nicky. I made my very first scarf for him. He loved it so much that he said, "You could sell these and people would love 'em!" Since that time in August 2007 this has become my full-time career. I guess he was right!

What inspired you to begin making Fringies yarn photo props?
It's kind of funny how it all went down. I love to "get a little crazy" with the fringe for the scarves I design and create. To me, the fringe is the playful part of the scarf that dances when we move and I like to go all out with the fringe. So, one day Bonnie Grist Johnson of Still Time Photography contacts me and asks me to make a scarf that's ALL fringe to use as a photo prop with women and girls; I was delighted! I made her my very first and shortly thereafter another pro asked for one and I was on a roll!

What motivated you to move in the direction of fiber experimentation?
I love to play with texture and color, and will use up to 50 different yarns in a single scarf or Fringie. I often start with a special request to match a backdrop, outfit or some other purpose and then just start pulling out yarns and pulling out yarns that I think will add dynamic depth and texture and interest and contrast and....all of the sudden I've got a new piece that I’m proud of!

To what do you attribute your success?
Taking better pictures was one of the biggest steps I made toward a successful shop on Etsy. I am also very prolific; I now offer 200+ designs in my shop…and there are a lot more in my head that are waiting to be given life! In addition to creating new designs at least weekly, I typically make 2-3 scarves a night and 2-5 Fringies per day to restock my inventory. I supply many retailers and I do craft fairs in addition to my online boutique.

Advice you can share with fellow Etsians aspiring for success in our marketplace?
The ways that I’ve been able to "go pro" and be so successful are to have fun, create a quality product, and cherish the customers I work for and with. It’s been a blast and I appreciate the opportunity! I so enjoy the chance to interact with my customers and get to know them as people or even friends.

How do you promote & find so many customers who love your work?
My Etsy shop is how most of my customers find me. I also keep a blog and a Flickr account.

Check out CricketsCreations on Etsy today
What Etsian couldn’t use one of these cool fringies for a photo prop? I am loving the Anne Geddes-style display photos in her shop. One of my favorites is pictured above.


  1. Celeste - it was my pleasure. I hope you enjoy many more years of success! And enjoy your trip!

  2. Wonderful interview & fabulous choice for shop of the week! I enjoyed getting to know Crcket better - Thank you!

  3. She is so sweet! Beautiful scarves!